7 Tips to Make Car Speakers Louder Without AMP in 2020

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  • Date: 25.11.2022
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Are you unsatisfied with the volume of your car speakers? Are you looking for a great way to improve your car speakers without using an amp? This article explains in detail the best ways to make your car speakers louder without using an amp.

car speakers louder without an amp

The major reason for getting the loudest speakers is to get the best music experience. There is always room for improvement on all audio devices. The volume of our speakers is always important when listening to your favorite jam. This is common especially as a music lover.

We are very interested in hearing our favorite songs entirely in music. It is certainly a cause of pleasure for us. But the question is how to make the speakers stronger? If the speaker’s quality is average, you should check the highest sound setting. There are also a few cheap improvements you can make to your car speakers.

Different Ways to Make Car Speakers Louder

Add subwoofers:

Adding subwoofers is important, so we have to consider this because the subwoofers also act as a speaker system. Subwoofers are an important source for enhancing the effect of any speaker system. You should place the speakers in such a corner of the car that there is no vibration available. You also need to adjust the phase of the subwoofer so that it produces the optimal effect. It is the device that can produce the maximum bass for the highest sound output. Below are some amazing subwoofers you can consider:

Add subwoofers
subwoofer in the trunk of a car

JL Audio W7AE-3 Series Subwoofers

You may be wondering how such an old design of a subwoofer can be so good? The W7 series is so good because every year JL Audio engineers update and improve the legend of the W7 series subwoofer. JL Audio has eight patents on this speaker. The W7s are so good that they are now used in home theater systems. These speakers are so good because JL Audio has a hard time making sure that every screw, nut, and connector is made to strict specifications. This is how they have built the best subwoofers for two decades.

Hertz HI Energy Series Subwoofers

Hertz HX subwoofers are designed to produce the lowest octaves of the audio spectrum with impact, precision, and power. These submarines feature innovative and innovative technologies down to the last detail. It also offers dual coil models to increase the flexibility of the subwoofer system design. This allows for easy management of different connectivity solutions. It also gives you flexibility in the number of subwoofers so that your configuration takes full advantage of the power distribution characteristics of the amplifier. It is the best solution for all your needs; Low-frequency output and control that will meet your enthusiastic expectations. Overall, a very well constructed high performance, and superb subwoofer.

Focal Performance Series subwoofers

The focal performance subwoofers are of uncompromising quality. Designed and developed by some of the world’s most renowned sound engineers, these subwoofers offer incredible build quality and exceptional sound superiority. Focal is popular for its low-frequency audio reproduction capabilities, which makes it subwoofers revered by many bass enthusiasts around the world. The Performance series subwoofers are available in different dimensions, the 8 “, 10″ and 12 ” subwoofers. The flax fiber cones are an undeniable beauty. Each speaker is designed to work in a housing these specific performance subwoofers deliver pure bass with a clear and powerful audio quality from 27 Hz to 500 Hz. A single 4-ohm voice coil works with two ferrite magnets for clear bass with deep resonance. Focal performance subwoofers are designed and intended for the elite of automotive audio.

JL Audio W6V3 series subwoofers

JL Audio has spent decades building a reputation for high-quality speaker and subwoofer components. The JL Audio W6V3 series is available in 10 ”and 12” versions. Constructed from a durable polypropylene cone and filled with minerals, the W6v3 series offers incredible strength without the added weight that can decrease the response and accuracy of a woofer. Combined with a rigid molded alloy basket that eliminates flex and distortion, you come across an incredibly well-designed, reliable and well-designed series subwoofer.

What sets these subwoofers apart is their ability to operate in very tight spaces. With capacities of up to 600 watts RMS, the W6V3 speakers are rugged enough for almost any system. The W6V3 series shares many components with JL Audio’s flagship W7V3 series. Among the most important features, JL Audio applies dynamic engine analysis (DMA) to W6V3 subwoofers. This allows for a nicely tuned subwoofer that offers linear bass with no distortion at all.

Controlling the airflow from the pole vent and cooling the raised frame prevents overheating and allows the air to move properly for durability. The W6V3 series also includes the same 4 ohms, two voice coils, and strong magnets as the flagship series. They are an excellent submarine, I drive them on my vehicles (and my boat) and I love them.

Alpine R Series Subwoofers

The Alpine R-series subwoofer has taken over the armored gauntlet released by the R-type subwoofer which replaces the new R series. The R series includes a Kevlar-treated cone and an exclusive Santoprene ™ shell for response and durability incredible. Alpine replaced the dust cap compound with a lighter, vibration absorbing blend to increase the impact of these subwoofers. Power management has increased compared to previous models at 750 W peak RMS. It’s a ton of bumps in any submarine, and the rugged R-series is ready to handle twist or distortion shots, even under the heaviest loads.

Correct Cable Connection and Connectors

Correct Cable Connection and Connectors

It is important to note that after a while, the car radio cables are worn out and you may have to replace them with the new ones. Sometimes, this can be quite a difficult thing to do. But to be a sound lover, you should be aware of the fact that it is necessary to replace your cables after a considerable period. This will prevent you from constant interruption of your music. Once you replace your cable, the sound and volume of your car speakers will not be affected and you will get the most complete bass.

Adding Tweeters

Adding tweeters is another great way to improve the volume of your car speakers. Tweeters can cause peaks to sound better and amazing, creating a moderate sound frequency and maximum bass level. It will also cause higher and clearer bass effects.

Modify the Speaker

If we are looking for the highest possible quality, we should focus on all the available economic resources on obtaining the best possible car speakers. If we are not very demanding and we only look for a little more power and sound in the 4 seats, we can improve all the speakers of the vehicle.

Of course, in this way, your budget will be distributed among more components, and therefore cheaper. This option is not the most recommended if what we are looking for is absolute quality at the front. Modifying your speakers means higher quality.

Some car speakers often produce distorted sounds when they get old or develop a fault. However, there are ways to deal with distorted car speaker audio. Good car speakers produce a quality sound with reflections, which will make your car volume seem higher.

Car Noise Isolation

Soundproofing using asphalt sheets will be a differentiating factor between the volume of a good sound system and a mediocre one. The most important thing is to apply it to the inside of the front doors since they often serve as a speaker housing.

In this way, resonances and inaccuracies will be drastically reduced. Also, the bass will be more detailed and deep, especially at high volumes. Finally, if you do not have enough experience to install the damping equipment yourself, it is advisable to leave it to a professional installer.

Car Noise Isolation


The engine is an important element to consider as it can create a knocking noise which affects the sound volume of your car speakers. By reducing the interior sounds produced by your car engine, you can automatically make your stereo louder. The best way to go about this is to dampen your car engine so that the sound within your car is controlled.


Doors are the most important and crucial parts to cushion in the car. Many materials can be used to cushion the doors of cars. The Superlite dynamic trip kit is a very important material that you can use mainly for this purpose.


The floor of your car can also cause shock and noise inside the car. Therefore, it is important to dampen or insulate the floor well to prevent it from making noise. Once you can successfully insulate the floor of your car, the pitch and emission of sound from your speakers increase automatically.

Other Methods

Below are a few other methods you can use to make your car speakers louder

Quality of Music

If you want to listen to louder music, the quality of the music you play should be high and up to par. Try to compress your music files as little as possible, the smaller the compressed file, you will get sound quality. The higher sound quality indicates the presence of higher volumes and is quite impressive.

Using Capacitors

Capacitors can control the waste of energy during music playback. This can be the cause of full bass in the car. Like when we play louder music with full bass, the quality of the audio system is often affected. Adding capacitors gives you the freedom to listen to louder sounds without damaging your music system.

Gadgets and Add-ons

There are tons of gadgets and add-ons you can include to improve the volume of your car speakers without an amp. These gadgets and add-ons can help you control and tune your speaker levels to produce great sounds. Some gadgets to add include: Equalizers, Signal processors, and Bluetooth/wireless audio systems.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and most importantly, I hope this article was really helpful to you. These steps we’ve listed above are really important as they work to improve your car speakers.

These same steps were useful to help improve the sound quality and volume of my car speakers. Previously, my car produced low and muffled sounds. After using these same steps, my car speakers went from regular to amazing.

Remember to tell us what you think about this article in our comment sections You can also share this post if you like it and find it helpful.


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